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July 26th, 2009

Heather and I are just back from a week at the annual CLAN Gathering (the acronym is Christians Linked Across the Nation), mind a conference run by New Wine in Scotland, dysentery and not to be confused with the homecoming celebrations in Scotland this year 😉

We’ve been at CLAN twice before, but this is our first time in 3 or 4 years. I’ll probably write some more about it later, but one of our new focuses this time around was trying to find some further confirmation about our future church plant, and maybe even find some people interested in joining our team. In the end we found both!

On Sunday, after a plug from Alan in a church planting seminar, I was approached by a lady interested in possibly joining the team who works in one of the areas we’ve been thinking about. On Thursdays there was a church planting lunch, and Heather and I led one of the discussion groups, and the lady sitting next to me is a member of one of the Church of Scotland churches that is in the same rough area.

We’re now looking very carefully at quite a specific area of the east end, and will be moving forward with that over the next 6-8 weeks (baby permitting…)
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