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Spiritual Exercises

Author: hevs
04 14th, 2011

Ben and I recently started a Source housegroup with a focus of those involved in, abortion and coming through spiritual seeker events, viagra 40mg and we are using spiritual exercises to help us grow in understanding the spiritual life. Journalling is one of those types of exercise, ailment and there are some simple questions we can ask Jesus and I wanted to share them:

What should I do less of?

What should I do more of?

Is there something new I should try?

If you haven’t tried journalling, I highly recommend it, and the course by Mark Virkler ‘Four Keys to Hearing God’s Voice’ is available through

I combine doodling and drawing with my writing, and play around with genres, adding poetry and collage and any kind of creativity that will release more understanding to me. As I delve deeper into the Visual and Kinesthetic styles of learning, these methods become a meditation on the truth and revelation of God’s Bible and also the intimacy I have with him.

Recording your journey is also an act of faith and an act of testimony – it helps us overcome, triumph, live in victory. It’s fun! This is also why it is an important part of the LSJ course.

I will add pictures in the future but at the moment I can’t work out how to get photos onto this computer – its new!

For the other spiritual exercises, see posts further on.

Happy Thursday xx