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04 24th, 2012

Exciting news!

You are invited to a training day for the course ‘Listening to the Spirit of Jesus’, erectile which will take place in Whiteinch, herpes Glasgow, more about on Sunday 8th January from 10.30am – 4pm. Tea and coffee will be provided but please bring a packed lunch with you. There is no charge for the day, but an offering will be taken for the ministry. I am really excited about what God is doing with the spiritually hungry in our generation, and the tools that he is releasing to gather the harvest in!

We will meet initially at the Whiteinch Centre, Northinch Court, G14 0UG for a time of worship, and then the remainder of the training will take place at Whiteinch Burgh Halls, 35 Inchlee Street, G14 9QG .

Training Outline:

Source vision and values
How to engage with the diversity of spiritual seeker culture
Biblical principles and strategies of the ‘LSJ’ course
Communication skills

How to be church for spiritual seekers (with Alan McWilliam)
Q and A
Prayer and ministry time

There are also invitation flyers available for the next ‘Listening to the Spirit of Jesus’ course, which is running on Wednesday nights in Whiteinch in Jan/Feb. If you or someone you know could be interested, please take some and come and have a chat with me.

For more information, please see

Please RSVP to book your space and I look forward to seeing you there!

I am writing this on the train, seek having just been to Sheffield for the conference entitled ‘Reaching Out to Mind Body Spirit’. Hosted by Steve Hollinghurst, the weekend has been fabulously worthwhile and I heartily recommend it to you all, it is just a shame that they only intend to have one every second year. However, this news came with the encouragement to build local support, and having met with John and Olive Drane, I think we would like to move forward with having a Scottish group.

I did feel blasted by the Holy Spirit throughout the weekend, in my mind, body and spirit, and the ‘Listening to the Spirit of Jesus’ course was well received. I got to do a 10 minute presentation and a dozen people asked to see the material after, and seemed really excited about it. One or two people including Steve commented that perhaps the language was still not quite ‘seeker friendly’ enough, and Steve said that there seemed to be a disconnect between the flyer and the course, which was interesting. I will pursue discussions with him and others about this.

I had amazing conversations and made some lovely friends. I was sharing a house with Danette, who is on the Burning Man team and involved with Streams in America, and Jo who runs a church called ‘Contemplative Fire’ in the south.  I received incredible insight and healing through the talks we had together and with others! Katrina Moss is an amazing lady who has developed a set of cards called Ruach cards, and I bought a ‘Jesus Deck’ too. Both workshops impressed me with their creativity and both trainers said that the Holy Spirit knows the right cards to bring up.  The interpretation of the symbols and words is essentially like dream interpretation or getting a picture for somebody. This is great if the person doesn’t have a dream because they have difficulty dreaming or remembering, or if you have difficulty getting pictures as I sometimes do on the longer outreaches.

Olive and I would like to have Katrina up to Glasgow in the Autumn to do her Ruach cards training, it is £60 for a day including the set of cards for you to take and use. Each card is a beautiful photograph of a symbolic element: waterfall is the outpouring of the Spirit and the voice of God; eucalyptus is healing, plus colours and numbers like we are used to with dream interpretation. There are 72 in total and I had a reading myself which was very accurate and deeply helpful!

I learned more about the varieties of paganism and heard incredible testimonies of how people had been working with all kinds of seekers and tools.  I got to ask my really difficult questions and share on Sozo. There was lots of space for you to get what you wanted out of the conference and set topics for discussion. I really think when this comes round again in two years, you should seriously consider going, as there is so much going on in England and Europe that is unique and special and wonderful! Let me know if you have any thoughts about a Scottish gathering too, as it is really on my heart to connect and support people in this arena, which they call ‘New Spirituality’ rather than ‘New Age’.

Merry Christmas

Author: mrben
12 27th, 2010

Firstly, approved once again, malady can I apologise for the long delay between updates. There has been much that has been going on in the background, and we wanted to wait for the dust to settle before announcing all the changes. So here, finally, is that announcement, but it’s more in the form of the story…

Back in March we met with Alan (as we have been doing on a monthly basis for prayer, encouragement, advice, etc) and he commented that the whole project seemed to be really hard to get going. He advised us to take the following month to really seek God, and, in particular, ask where the problem lay: were we pushing the right door, but not hard enough, the right door at the wrong time or simply the wrong door?

Come our meeting in April, I have to admit that we weren’t much clearer. However, during that meeting Alan offered an alternative direction to move in, and asked us to consider it. Over the following month we both decided, individually and together, that the offer was the right move for this time, even though it seemed to be completely opposite to the direction we had been moving in. This decision was based on our own prayers, a vivid dream that I had, and wise counsel from friends both within and outwith Whiteinch.

The decision was thus: Heather is expanding her work with spiritual seekers that she has been involved in, through Light and Life, Body and Soul, Breakthrough and various psychic fairs, and look to plant a church within that people-group, in whatever form that will take. Initially this was through a course that she has written called “Listening to the Spirit of Jesus”, which aims to bring people to a further understanding and belief in Christ, but using language and activities that are much more suited to that particular grouping. The first run of this course ran through the autumn, with some success. From this Heather hopes to begin building this new congregation under the banner of Source. She is also planning on running the course again in the New Year.

Please pray as Heather tries to pull together a core team, whilst also developing and refining the course material, and also balancing this with work with the Glasgow Prophetic Centre and Light & Life.

Additionally, Heather has decided to leave her job at the end of the year, in part to be able to facilitate this work. She is currently applying for various grants to help fund this work. Please pray for us as we undergo this big change in circumstances, and as Heather seeks to find organisations to financial support the ministry.

Just to add to the upheaval, we moved house at the end of October, to a nice 3-bedroom end-terrace house in Knightswood. This is close enough to Whiteinch, but gives more space for the kids, and for entertaining and ministering to groups. Please pray for this move, as we continue to settle in.

For me the direction is slightly different. I will be integrating back into Whiteinch with a specific view of working within the teaching ministry, and building on my own giftings in that area. This will enable me to help the church by being part of the consolidation of this area, whilst also establishing my own personal ministry more deeply. Additionally I’ve been asked to join the Invest team, to be part of running the course.

Please pray that I would continue to push myself and grow in my understanding of and relationship with God. Pray also that as requests for my time become more frequent, that I would have the wisdom of which opportunities to pass over, and which to grasp.

(More to follow once three holidays are over.)

A change in direction

Author: mrben
05 25th, 2010

There have been things happening in the background over the last couple of months that have brought some significant movement within our (Heather and my) ministry, advice although not in the direction we were really expecting. We can’t go into the full specifics just yet, as not everything is finalised, but we hope to make the details public as it happens over the next few weeks.

Those of you who receive our e-newsletter should get an update a little bit sooner, if things go to plan…

Back from CLAN

Author: mrben
07 26th, 2009

Heather and I are just back from a week at the annual CLAN Gathering (the acronym is Christians Linked Across the Nation), this site a conference run by New Wine in Scotland, mycoplasmosis and not to be confused with the homecoming celebrations in Scotland this year 😉

We’ve been at CLAN twice before, but this is our first time in 3 or 4 years. I’ll probably write some more about it later, but one of our new focuses this time around was trying to find some further confirmation about our future church plant, and maybe even find some people interested in joining our team. In the end we found both!

On Sunday, after a plug from Alan in a church planting seminar, I was approached by a lady interested in possibly joining the team who works in one of the areas we’ve been thinking about. On Thursdays there was a church planting lunch, and Heather and I led one of the discussion groups, and the lady sitting next to me is a member of one of the Church of Scotland churches that is in the same rough area.

We’re now looking very carefully at quite a specific area of the east end, and will be moving forward with that over the next 6-8 weeks (baby permitting…)

First post!

Author: mrben
07 7th, 2009

OK – so unless you’re reading your way through the archives, valeologist most people probably aren’t going to be reading this. As I type it, about it the site is gradually taking shape, but it’s not fully there yet. But I wanted to get some more stuff on here.

As things stand today, we still have no fixed idea where we’re going, and we only have one firm possibility for a team member. We have, however, now finished Invest and spent our last Sunday at the Rock Community Church (I preached on Jude, which was an interesting experience).

What are the plans for the next few weeks then:

  • Open House – We had a good open house meeting in June, just allowing folks from Whiteinch to come round and ask some questions about what we’re planning to do. We’re having another one next Wednesday. I don’t think it will be as busy, but should be good.
  • CLAN – we’re at the CLAN Gathering from 18th-24th July in St. Andrews, and plan to do a bit of promotion while we’re there.
  • Website / Newsletter – We’re going to continue to develop this website, and post news here, which will hopefully include both news and prayer items. We’ll also look to producing a print newsletter too.
  • Meeting with potential team – as people ask us about join the team, we’ll be spending plenty of time wining and dining to get to know folk, and understand their passions and their calling.
  • Building prayer support – while we’ll be praying lots ourselves (well – hopefully lots; prayer is not my strong point), we’ll also be building prayer support.

Plus, there’s the baby on it’s way. 😉

Watch this space for upcoming news.