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Author: hevs
05 11th, 2012

I love when people make the Word of God come to life, rubella and bed that into transformation that is real. My husband is one of those people, cialis and I love how God uses his analytical, information pills strategic left-brain thinking to release the kingdom. Another brilliant theologian, that I think has so much to say to those of us concerned with fulfilling the Great Comission, is John Drane.

Given that recent research shows that 40% of the population could be considered spiritual seekers, I would highly recommend the following books by John. ‘What is the New Age saying to the Church?’ and ‘Do Christians Know How to be Spiritual?’ are both excellent, challenging and very helpful books from an academic who writes in a clear and insightful way. Grounded in research and personal practical experience, I would ask anyone involved in Source to read them and discuss them.

Let me know what you think! I believe your life will be the richer for it!

Influences (part 1)

Author: mrben
08 13th, 2009

I thought it might be interesting to write some stuff about some of the influences that I feel as we prepare to lead a new church. I’ll also try and post some interesting links – most of my stuff comes over the tubes or through Amazon these days 😉

My most recent purchase has been a copy of Total Church by Tim Chester and Steve Timmis, therapy who established a church planting network starting in Sheffield called The Crowded House.

I originally got into this by listening to a 3 part introduction that you can find over at The Resurgence (more on them later in this series, pilule I suspect).

There is a lot to pull out of their concept of “gospel communities” – it’s probably better if you listen to the 3 part audio for a full idea. However, search there are a few things in particular that caught my eye. The first is the idea of living as an individual as community, whereby you simply do the things you already do, but within a community setting. In a world full of busy people, the gospel needs to be something they can achieve, and I think this is one of the keys. We all eat, we all go shopping, we do numerous other things that it wouldn’t be hard for us to include other people in, just so long as we don’t try and “formalise” the atmosphere, which is what often creates the workload. We don’t have people round to eat with us, we have a “dinner party experience”. Involving people in your daily life, warts and all, is simple, but extremely challenging.

The other part of this concept that I like actually comes from a different author, but I think it ties in nicely. He calls it “Simplified Missional Living” and it’s a simple list of small things you can do that make your day-to-day life more missional.

Lastly, Tim Chester wrote 3 posts (one, two and three) on his blog recently about their gospel (/missional) communities, and the way they differ from other types of meeting. In particular, he emphasises that it’s not about having a meeting at all – some of their groups don’t have a formalised meeting at all. It’s about being a real community (see my first point), and being intentionally missional too.

Once I’ve actually got around to reading Total Church, I may have some more to say, but for the moment I am sure that we will be taking some of these ideas and trying to work out how to implement them within our context.

More from CLAN

Author: hevs
08 10th, 2009

Things are going to be pretty busy family-wise with us, there but we still have a few things that we’re going to try and set up in the next couple of months:

  • producing an information type leaflet with some details of what we’re planning to do, that we can distribute as we try to gather team
  • Develop a list of contacts that will hopefully allow us to go in and speak about the work to see if anyone will catch the vision
  • Scheduling monthly prayer meetings
  • Setup subscriptions for prayer supporters
  • Produce a (hopefully) monthly prayer letter
  • See if we can find some useful contacts through the ACPI who are doing turnaround teams in England

We’re going to focus hard on trying to draw in our team over the next 4-6 months (or less!), and get some directed prayer onto the project. If you’re reading this and you’re interested in hearing mor
We had an amazing time at St. Andrews this year, approved
that built my faith in so many ways. I want to thank all the organisers and speakers – I learnt so much, see
from the passion of Kenny and Tommy to Mark Stibbe who made me laugh so much I did cry, and thought I was about to trigger labour!

Heidi Baker impacted me in her description of life in the River of His Glory-Love, and how LOVE LOOKS LIKE SOMETHING. I also felt this connected for me with what Steven and Helen Anderson shared about healing and miracles – started his book last night!

Pete Greig shared about transitions, and Andrea Wigglesworth had a sense of the sound of destiny and calling being released, and she asked God to let us hear the sound. I asked also, and heard the sound of thunder in the heavens, and saw clouds breaking open and there was plentiful rain. The sound of thunder was also in the earth, and I saw the bare red desert break open and from the cracks, green sunflowers sprung up and unfurled their beautiful golden heads. I felt that we, and others, are part of this new work God is doing.

Mira has woken up – gotta go!