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09 4th, 2012

My lovely friend Aline has helped me out this week with art at the taster event we ran and also at the psychic fair yesterday… I am really blessed that she managed to fit me in between her Bethel globetrotting as she is off to New Zealand on Tuesday with Theresa Dedmon! I had asked her to paint live during the taster event and here is what she made:

Aline wrote: “Goldfish grow to the size of their environment. If you remain inside a glass bowl, ed however beautiful, medicine you limit your potential to grow to the extent of its influence and opportunities. There are moments when for whatever reason the ‘bowl’ you are in is rocked and a tipping point is created inviting you to take a leap out of your current situation or way of thinking and into what is beyond. What lies outside is often unknown but the momentum you carry with you as you jump creates life. Many of us have unfulfilled promises in our lives that are waiting for us to cease the moment so that they can be fulfilled. The question is will we recognize the opportunity when the tipping point comes and jump!”

I am currently reading ‘The New Mystics’ by John Crowder:

In the church, prostate I believe there will be a virtual renaissance, help blending the old and the new. We will be able to get back to our roots, viagra 100mg while becoming something entirely unique. Not only will miraculous power return corportately, but the arts, music and even undiscovered forms of worship will abound. The church will become a cultural leader because of the creative anointing it possesses…

People will want to join the church because we have the best gig in town. Spiritual creativity will ignite innovation. We will spearhead cultural advancement, as did the ancient Celtic church. Not only will we reach new realms of divine authority and experience, but we will also reopen deep wells of blessing that were abandoned prior to the modern age. We will get past the mind … and demonstrate a spiritual life that attracts the world. ” pp 42-43

In the past I would have said bring it on! But I realise we are in the middle of bringing it on, and that is my call as a creative church planter. How exciting to be alive now!