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Light and Life

Author: hevs
08 29th, 2011

Today was day 1 of the local spiritual fair, cialis 40mg where I had gone with ministry I serve with in this city. We saw six people, dermatologist that God had clearly been preparing, invite Jesus into their hearts, and I had no doubts that these were genuine prayers taken seriously. We had another three people who really came close, who said they wanted to think about it some more, but they had met Jesus for themselves and experienced the loving message we had for them in powerful tangible ways. Others were healed – all glory to God! I have never experienced such a clear anointing for salvation before – it was all so natural and easy… thank you for interceding for me, I must have had over a dozen that I knew of praying. It made all the difference, bless you!

We were offering ‘prophetic readings from the Spirit of Jesus’ and ‘healing prayer’ and I was so surprised at the openness of people, we were kept really busy from 11 – 5.30. I ministered to a reiki healer, who had an issue that she had not been able to shift herself, but who felt the power of God flow through her and in her own words was ’emotionally moved’ by the prayer even though she wasn’t sure about Jesus initially. She took a chance and was really blessed.  Another lady was healed of arthritis from a pain level of 6 or 7 to nothing! My partner had a word for her that she should switch from medium wave to FM, or the Father’s wave, and it turned out she was a medium, God really has a sense of humour!

We also have a track record of attracting other stall holders, so a lady from the Psychic Research stall came and I had a picture of a butterfly in pinks and purples emerging from the chrysalis that had confined her, which we felt was unfulfilled dreams and fear, and my partner had a word of knowledge about the kinds of nightmares she had been having. As we prayed through these things she got goosebumps, actually from the butterfly picture onward, she felt ‘stunned in a good way’ and found it hard to stand up at the end. She came really close to Jesus – I pray she invites Him in, as we asked her to consider.

We had two other people who hadn’t intended to come to the fair or any stalls, but felt prompted to come and see only us for some reason they couldn’t explain – God had already been at work in their lives and they invited Jesus into their hearts. We also handed out gift bags with a ‘Father’s Love Letter’, a copy of ‘You Are Special’, a gospel and some other helpful stuff to those who were at that stage in their journey. (There was also the man who came purely to interrogate me on whether I had evidence or proof of what we believed, but I ask God to bless him too!)

It was an amazing day, and I hope that many will come to the next ‘Listening to the Spirit of Jesus’ course, which we advertised as starting on the 20th September… exciting times!
I had an amazing day at the Light and Life training on Saturday. If you are not familiar with Light and Life, thumb they run evangelistic fairs offering prophecy, contagion
healing, Hepatitis
art, massage and dream interpretation to reach the spiritually hungry with the goodness of Jesus. I head up dream interpretation for the Glasgow team, and also follow up people interested in Jesus with the LSJ course.

On Saturday I was on the ministry team with Andy, and we had two people get healed. One was a lady who had been suffering from lower back problems for two years and had been unable to sit comfortably all that time. We prayed and she tested it out – the pain had gone!

The other was a lady with sciatica who Andy thought might have one leg shorter than the other. We looked at the legs and  her left leg was over a centimetre shorter. We asked God to make the short leg grow and it did. She had felt the sensations in her body too!

Next Tuesday is the next outreach… will let you know how it goes!


Author: hevs
03 25th, 2010

I have been asked to get involved with and do a lot of exciting things… but I can’t do them all. I wonder if you could pray with us  about that, advice and for God to give us the next steps for the church planting?

I have been making bracelets to give away as a reminder of God’s love:

I have just made one for a lady I met through a weekly outreach. I asked God what I would encounter that night, and the word I got was ‘cancer’, which this lady had been diagnosed with. I got a picture of a diamond on a river bed, shining in the sun, washed by the clear water, and shared this as well as praying, which touched her very deeply.  So the word on her bracelet is ‘precious’, as I felt that was the essence of the picture. I hope to hear how her healing for body, soul and spirit is growing in future weeks!


Author: hevs
02 18th, 2010

Hey there! I didn’t mean to be so quiet, see but to make up for that I’m giving a gift  – a prophetic exercise on James 1 v 17. I have been loving the family time, drug doing lots of soaking, price and learning how God speaks through and uses the imagination to ‘download heaven’. This picture was a Christmas card from Studio18 in Atlanta GA and I love it!

James 1 v 17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights…

Step 1. Ask the Lord to show you a present He is giving you. Describe the wrapping and look for colours, ribbon, decoration or patterns.

Step 2. Ask the Lord if there is a message on the gift tag for you.

Step 3. Unwrap the present. Describe what is inside.

Step 4. Again, note the colours and any other details.

Step 5. Ask the Lord how this gift is to be used in your life.

Step 6. Ask the Lord if there is a scripture that will help you use this gift.

Step 7. Ask if there is someone you can bless with this gift and the timing for this. Ask for his love and wisdom and boldness in using this gift.

This was inspired by the exercises of Jim Driscoll, so if you like this try
I often use the creative arts to try to connect with God, advice and connect Him to others – I will write poems, songs, cards, make pictures in a variety of media, even cakes! Here is a piece I did for a friend:

I have been meditating on the breaking free of enclosure, the rising from the ashes, the soaring burst of colour, the wings flexing, beak opening in song, shining…

Painted using acrylics, irridescents and glitter on canvas. You can’t really see the shimmer in this photo but the colour is good.

Here is another acrylics piece from last year, currently in the prayer room at Iris Ministries in Israel:

10 18th, 2009

(Part 2 in a series of 8 about our initial Values. Part 1 is here

Value 2:We feel called to work within the Church of Scotland, information pills and to honour that denomination, but will seek to work alongside other Christians groups for the benefit of the Kingdom

Let’s break this down into the 3 main clauses:

We feel that our calling is very much to work within the Church of Scotland denomination (which is presbyterian). This is not a particular theological conviction that this is somehow the only “true” denomination, but rather a strong sense of the call of God. We see the potential of the church, coupled with the problems of the church, and want to help to be part of the solution to problems to release the potential of the Church to bring the message of Jesus to the people of Scotland.

We think that it is important to honour the traditions and beliefs of Church, even if that means sometimes doing things (or not doing things) differently to how we might if we were not constrained. Many years ago, somebody passed on a quote to me that stated that “tradition is the living faith of the dead and should be respected, but traditionalism is the dead faith of the living and should be rejected.” We seek to be respectful to the traditions of the Church, but will speak out against any traditionalism that hinders the work of the Gospel. For example, while we may not agree with all aspects of the ordination process, we won’t offend the church by holding communion without an ordained minister performing the required parts. But we will speak out against things like freemasonry.

Lastly, we are currently involved in a number of other Christian groups, mostly, but not exclusively, non-denominational that we intend to continue to work with – groups like the Glasgow Healing Rooms, Streams ministries, Scripture Union Scotland etc. Additionally, it would be our hope and prayer that we would make contact with, and work with, any Christian organisation in the local area, as well as working with other churches in the parish and surrounding parishes. All this will be done for the benefit of the Kingdom, not necessarily merely for our project, or an individual group or church. If everyone meet came to saving knowledge of Jesus, but didn’t become members of our church, then that’s fine.

10 15th, 2009

As a starting point for our project, symptoms we have set out 8 initial “core values” which we hope will help people get a flavour for what we are doing, troche why we’re doing it, hygiene and how we’re likely to achieve it. I thought it would be good to expand a little on each one, to help you understand the thought process behind it.

Value 1: It’s about Jesus, It’s all about Jesus, It’s only about Jesus
OK, I confess – I stole this one from Mark Driscoll (who I have talked about recently). However, I do fully believe in the sentiment. Probably the key passage here is Colossians 1. Christ is the centrepoint of the Christian faith (it’s not just a clever name) – He is God made man, He is the author and perfecter of our faith (Hebrews 12:2), He is the head of the church, and all that we are is through Him and His sacrifice on the cross.

Moreover, it is Christ that we point people to for salvation. It is as we lead people to Jesus that they are able to enter into a relationship with God. The person and nature of Jesus is one of the unique characteristics of Christianity.

The Bible is all about Jesus – sometimes I think we get a little bit Jewish when we read the Old Testament, and only think of it as referring to God the Father, whereas, in fact, the Old Testament is all about the redemption story, of which Christ is the central figure.

Lastly, while I am all for the Holy Spirit (we’ll be talking about fruit and gifts in another post), we need to remember that the Holy Spirit’s purpose is to point people to Jesus. He is referred to as the Spirit of Jesus, and the power that comes from Him comes that we may be witnesses to Jesus.

It’s so easy as Christians to get caught up in things other than Jesus – social justice, environmental concerns, addiction rehabilitation, politics, the latest Christian fads (be it prayers, songs, forms of ministry, types of Church, etc) – that we sometimes forget that, while all these things make up a great portion of our witness, we need to tie them with declaring the name of Jesus, because it is only by His name that people can be saved.

Brief Update

Author: mrben
09 6th, 2009

I thought it might be interesting to write some stuff about some of the influences that I feel as we prepare to lead a new church. I’ll also try and post some interesting links – most of my stuff comes over the tubes or through Amazon these days 😉

My most recent purchase has been a copy of Total Church by Tim Chester and Steve Timmis, refractionist who established a church planting network starting in Sheffield called The Crowded House.

I originally got into this by listening to a 3 part introduction that you can find over at The Resurgence (more on them later in this series, I suspect).

There is a lot to pull out of their concept of “gospel communities” – it’s probably better if you listen to the 3 part audio for a full idea. However, there are a few things in particular that caught my eye. The first is the idea of living as an individual as community, whereby you simply do the things you already do, but within a community setting. In a world full of busy people, the gospel needs to be something they can achieve, and I think this is one of the keys. We all eat, we all go shopping, we do numerous other things that it wouldn’t be hard for us to include other people in, just so long as we don’t try and “formalise” the atmosphere, which is what often creates the workload. We don’t have people round to eat with us, we have a “dinner party experience”. Involving people in your daily life, warts and all, is simple, but extremely challenging.

The other part of this concept that I like actually comes from a different author, but I think it ties in nicely. He calls it “Simplified Missional Living” and it’s a simple list of small things you can do that make your day-to-day life more missional.

Lastly, Tim Chester wrote 3 posts (one, two and three) on his blog recently about their gospel (/missional) communities, and the way they differ from other types of meeting. In particular, he emphasises that it’s not about having a meeting at all – some of their groups don’t have a formalised meeting at all. It’s about being a real community (see my first point), and being intentionally missional too.

Once I’ve actually got around to reading Total Church, I may have some more to say, but for the moment I am sure that we will be taking some of these ideas and trying to work out how to implement them within our context.
I realised that there has been very little posted on here recently, try
so a quick update. The main reason for quiet has been the arrival of our son, link
James Adam (Jamie) Thorp, thumb
on the 19th August. Progress on life`boat has not completely stalled, but has slowed significantly over this period.

Planning to have a prayer party towards the end of September, and release our first monthly(ish) prayer/news letter sometime in the next 1-2 weeks.

Back from CLAN

Author: mrben
07 26th, 2009

Heather and I are just back from a week at the annual CLAN Gathering (the acronym is Christians Linked Across the Nation), this site a conference run by New Wine in Scotland, mycoplasmosis and not to be confused with the homecoming celebrations in Scotland this year 😉

We’ve been at CLAN twice before, but this is our first time in 3 or 4 years. I’ll probably write some more about it later, but one of our new focuses this time around was trying to find some further confirmation about our future church plant, and maybe even find some people interested in joining our team. In the end we found both!

On Sunday, after a plug from Alan in a church planting seminar, I was approached by a lady interested in possibly joining the team who works in one of the areas we’ve been thinking about. On Thursdays there was a church planting lunch, and Heather and I led one of the discussion groups, and the lady sitting next to me is a member of one of the Church of Scotland churches that is in the same rough area.

We’re now looking very carefully at quite a specific area of the east end, and will be moving forward with that over the next 6-8 weeks (baby permitting…)

Ships and the Sea

Author: hevs
07 17th, 2009

I (Heather) have always loved metaphor and narrative and symbolism, no rx and that is often how God communicates with me, particularly at the moment through images of ships and the sea. Although I grew up six miles from the Moray Firth, most of what I know comes from books and the media. The picture I had at our first open meeting in June was as follows:

I had a picture of a powerful sailing ship on swelling sea – not bright but a bit overcast – I asked for more and got the sense that it was like the Dawn Treader, the name being symbolic of the light of Christ, that they went off the map and brought light into darkness, discovered some strange lands and strategies, and ended up transforming the islands and writing the new map for others to follow. They did not have a large crew, and yet they brought freedom to many, many people!

I have gone back and am now re-reading the novel for the third time. How did C. S. Lewis get so much truth in there? I am just drinking it in, like the sweet water they find at the shore of Aslan’s country – beautiful!

Moving to another genre completely, the next Sunday we had a number of words and pictures on the same them from the folks at The Rock. God has such a sense of humour – one was about the Starship Enterprise, and of course we’d been to see the recent film, but for me the influence of my dad, who had every episode of all the series playing constantly in our house as I grew up, gave this such a depth and richness, as well as making me laugh. We want to pioneer, to seek out the new things God is doing, to enjoy the adventure into the unknown…

First post!

Author: mrben
07 7th, 2009

OK – so unless you’re reading your way through the archives, valeologist most people probably aren’t going to be reading this. As I type it, about it the site is gradually taking shape, but it’s not fully there yet. But I wanted to get some more stuff on here.

As things stand today, we still have no fixed idea where we’re going, and we only have one firm possibility for a team member. We have, however, now finished Invest and spent our last Sunday at the Rock Community Church (I preached on Jude, which was an interesting experience).

What are the plans for the next few weeks then:

  • Open House – We had a good open house meeting in June, just allowing folks from Whiteinch to come round and ask some questions about what we’re planning to do. We’re having another one next Wednesday. I don’t think it will be as busy, but should be good.
  • CLAN – we’re at the CLAN Gathering from 18th-24th July in St. Andrews, and plan to do a bit of promotion while we’re there.
  • Website / Newsletter – We’re going to continue to develop this website, and post news here, which will hopefully include both news and prayer items. We’ll also look to producing a print newsletter too.
  • Meeting with potential team – as people ask us about join the team, we’ll be spending plenty of time wining and dining to get to know folk, and understand their passions and their calling.
  • Building prayer support – while we’ll be praying lots ourselves (well – hopefully lots; prayer is not my strong point), we’ll also be building prayer support.

Plus, there’s the baby on it’s way. 😉

Watch this space for upcoming news.