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July 17th, 2009

OK – so unless you’re reading your way through the archives, here most people probably aren’t going to be reading this. As I type it, viagra order the site is gradually taking shape, sovaldi sale but it’s not fully there yet. But I wanted to get some more stuff on here.

As things stand today, we still have no fixed idea where we’re going, and we only have one firm possibility for a team member. We have, however, now finished Invest and spent our last Sunday at the Rock Community Church (I preached on Jude, which was an interesting experience).

What are the plans for the next few weeks then:

  • Open House – We had a good open house meeting in June, just allowing folks from Whiteinch to come round and ask some questions about what we’re planning to do. We’re having another one next Wednesday. I don’t think it will be as busy, but should be good.
  • CLAN – we’re at the CLAN Gathering from 18th-24th July in St. Andrews, and plan to do a bit of promotion while we’re there.
  • Website / Newsletter – We’re going to continue to develop this website, and post news here, which will hopefully include both news and prayer items. We’ll also look to producing a print newsletter too.
  • Meeting with potential team – as people ask us about join the team, we’ll be spending plenty of time wining and dining to get to know folk, and understand their passions and their calling.
  • Building prayer support – while we’ll be praying lots ourselves (well – hopefully lots; prayer is not my strong point), we’ll also be building prayer support.

Plus, there’s the baby on it’s way. 😉

Watch this space for upcoming news.
After spending 10 years as an English teacher, recipe I felt God asking me to leave and focus on the unknown path with Him – I would take with me the toolbelt of gifts and training He had brought me, buy and a heart that wanted to see spiritual seekers connect with the highest purest Source of all – the triune God.

Since 2010, I have pursued this journey called Source, and have had some incredible times of love, loss and laughter. I hope you enjoy the blog!

I am married to Ben with two children in Primary school. We live in Glasgow and draw on a wide variety of traditions and teachings and love the ancient, holy sacred writings that make up the Bible.