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Source Taster Event

Author: hevs
09 4th, 2012

Part of what my vision is and what my job entails is to build bridges between outreach and discipleship. And while we were brainstorming last year we came up with the taster event, physician something that would allow people to come and see us in a setting that was still about the prophetic and creative ways God speaks, hospital without the barriers that church normally poses for them. We wanted to allow them space to hear more truth, viagra here explore and respond for themselves.

This idea was actually born out of an LSJ course that bombed, and we realised that the three people were not ready to take the course, but that they might have benefited from a ‘taste and see’ event. So take heart from your situation… if it has bombed, then press into God and see what amazing thing he wants to birth from the ashes… because just over two months later we ran our first taster and two of the people that came to it are still enjoying their discipleship journey with us.

So I can’t take credit for what was a group revelation: that spiritual searchers love going to workshops, so to have a choice of two workshops as the first part of the event. Then to have the second part be ‘stations’ with a background of soaking music, preferably live, with a creativity station and maybe live art going on where people can play with pastels or paint activations. We made a soaking area with two large rugs and cushions and meditation postcards, and we had appointments available for people who wanted healing, prophecy, dreams etc. We had a cafe option for people who want to chat and are verbal processors, but this is best kept as far away from the soaking area so as not to disturb those there.

Here are some photos of the taster we had on Monday night:


09 4th, 2012

My lovely friend Aline has helped me out this week with art at the taster event we ran and also at the psychic fair yesterday… I am really blessed that she managed to fit me in between her Bethel globetrotting as she is off to New Zealand on Tuesday with Theresa Dedmon! I had asked her to paint live during the taster event and here is what she made:

Aline wrote: “Goldfish grow to the size of their environment. If you remain inside a glass bowl, ed however beautiful, medicine you limit your potential to grow to the extent of its influence and opportunities. There are moments when for whatever reason the ‘bowl’ you are in is rocked and a tipping point is created inviting you to take a leap out of your current situation or way of thinking and into what is beyond. What lies outside is often unknown but the momentum you carry with you as you jump creates life. Many of us have unfulfilled promises in our lives that are waiting for us to cease the moment so that they can be fulfilled. The question is will we recognize the opportunity when the tipping point comes and jump!”