Body and Soul Fair

A huge thank you to all the team and intercessors for yesterday’s Body and Soul event, try it went really smoothly and was pretty busy. We were given a great spot: when you came up the stairs we would have been the first stall you saw, symptoms and we had a corner in front of the entrance so you had to pss right by us to get in to the rest of the stalls. We could play our music as loud as we needed because we didn’t have stalls butted up on each side.

We don’t have a fancy banner yet, obesity and I have plans to get that sorted, but we still had 26 appointments, which to me made it totally worth paying for a double stall. We offered free dream interpretation, spiritual art, healing and hand massage. God drew them! One lady came for a massage walking with two crutches, and Malcolm released healing to her and she said she felt so much better that she tested it out and was walking without her crutches the rest of the time we could see her! Another lady came for a dream interpretation and said, ‘wow, that is really accurate for my life’ a few times. We are praying for the situation she is involved in to be utterly transformed for God’s glory (she didn’t want us to pray then, but we said we would like to in our own prayers if that was ok).

One girl came for art, in which we called out her spiritual design and destiny, and although she had said she wasn’t really into groups, she was so impacted she said she was interested in coming to ours (lots more ‘wows’!). Another lady asked the light of Jesus into her heart, and we gave her a simple scented tealight as a reminder of what she had done, along with some of our meditation postcards and follow up flyers. We gave away all our bracelets too! We wrote a blessing on one of our postcards to the organisers and gave them a box of chocolates with it, and the team are coming for a meal on Monday to celebrate and chillax. You were so fantastic guys!

Our follow up taster event is in two weeks, will keep you posted!

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