Kit for Creative Outreach and Discipleship

I guarantee that there will be fun, for sale
adventure, no rx
challenge and hard work.

I will encourage you to explore the person you were created to be, as well as creativity in its widest sense.

I will create a balance between training and practical activation in the following and more: physical and inner healing, prophecy, dream interpretation, spiritual art, massage, evangelism to new age and others, love languages and learning styles, types of discipleship and how to teach effectively.

Are you up for it?

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  • Sellotape, mind blu tack, sales
    stapler, string and scissors. Whether in a tent or a hall, you will find these indispensible! Tissues and breath mints.
  • Appropriate signs and publicity. You may want to match the colours of your graphics to the rest of your visual components, and listen to the Spirit for His leading in all of this.
  • Follow up materials: you could have a guest book for visitors to write their feedback in, flyers for future events, inspirational postcards, little art or jewellery gifts that can be prophesied over, tealights to remind them of The Light etc. Bibles and introductory materials for Christianity are always helpful. You can get recycled giftbags from the One World shop, along with Fairtrade sweets.
  • Tablecloths: these make a huge difference, particularly as the tables you may have to hand may not be very beautiful!
  • Cushions – they add colour and cosiness, as well as comfort for the elderly or afflicted.
  • Candles or fairy lights or both! Check your insurance for naked flames. Any other decor such as bunting, art, banners, rugs etc.
  • Music player if no live musicians, plus extension cord or batteries
  • Depending on what you are doing and where, you may want a donations box, first aid kit, tables and supplies for art, face painting and hand massage, anointing oils, baby wipes, clear gaffa tape, bin bags, your wellies, sunscreen, insect repellent and lunch!


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