I See You

Lara turned to me at the end of our time on the streets and said of our encounters:

“Do you know what it’s like? It is like ‘I see you’ from the film Avatar.”

We went on to talk about how the people coming for encounters felt like they had been truly seen and that their comments and responses reflected that, pharmacy and I felt Lara had said something deeply profound. The popularity of the film Avatar reflects the spiritual hunger of our age; and the phrase ‘I see you’ means not merely a physical perception, but in fact a recognition of the inner person. It is ‘used figuratively to mean “I see into you”, and essentially “I understand you”.

This is what I love about the name of the team, Insight – to see deeper into someone or something. I love how Jesus is constantly teaching me to ‘see’ in a whole myriad of ways… and I saw many things in Avatar that resonated with me.

The song at the end of the film opens with these lines:

I see you

I see you

Walking through a dream, I see you

My light in darkness, breathing hope of new life…

I felt like we did these things also, interpreting dreams, bringing light, hope, new life, and spiritual awakening.

James Cameron says that the idea of the tall, blue-skinned race came from a dream his mother had!  Some of the other elements in the film are drawn from deep ecology.  I am trying to incorporate more of care for the planet and all creation in what Source does. We are trying where possible to use recyled, fair trade and organic materials, and to recognise that the world around us has a very important role in our spiritual lives. This week as part of our gifts to people we gave recycled gift bags with fairtrade sweets in, along with bead bracelets, and postcards with meditations on them. It has to be said, the tealights were from Ikea: I did look for fairtrade options but they were fiercely expensive… will keep looking!

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