Atmosphere Design

Atmosphere design is a phrase that sounds trendy, cystitis but is something that we all use and think about at differing levels, even if it is not consciously. It is how we create the enviroment of our homes, schools, work places, and spiritually significant places like churches. Much of the time we think of it as visual but actually all our five senses can be involved.

One of the groups I have worked with, Insight, have really invested in creatively designing the atmosphere of the outreaches they do, which follows the pattern of how God gave instructions for the spiritually significant spaces He wanted to bring His presence to. When reading the scriptures concerning the tabernacle and temple, you see how full of creativity they were: textiles, sculpture, incense, and much more.

This is the fifth time I have worked with Insight, as we have sought to listen and release the things of heaven using all kinds of creativity. Charity just keeps birthing beautiful sculptures made with wire and beach glass, driftwood and even mirror fragments; and these sculptures have travelled all over the nation communicating deeply to many. My favourite moment has to be when we hung a circular sculpture over the ministry area at the Clan Women conference and as women came to receive at the end of the meeting, God lit the sculpture with a shaft of sunlight that came through a window in the roof and passed through the sculpture down to the women, representing the portal idea in a way we could never have planned. The photos are here: with the poem that they inspired!

On the mission field we were able to do even more.

We decorated the tent with many ideas that God had prompted: a muslin canopy dyed purple for the ceiling of the smaller tents that was then decorated with blue glass droplets like stars; Charity’s sculptures; paintings by several artists, and bunting. We had a wall of jewellery and smaller artworks to give as gifts, and at night we cleared away the chairs and had rugs and cushions for soaking, plus dancers who had been trained in a West African style of dancing by Hanna, pictured centre, above.

There were scented candles, yummy treats and beautiful live music. A feast for the senses, to connect Jesus with the hearts he longs for. And you could feel Him there… sweet, powerful, strong. The responses to all these things were amazing, as God ministered to people through all this creative communication, and brought inner healing to many.

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