St Andrews Outreach

As part of the creativity team, story we ran a little street festival in the town centre, in a pedestrian street. At one end we had a team of dancers with flags and drummers, then our ‘Insight’ tent offering everything from spiritual readings, cleansing and art, to healing and dream interpretation.



We had at least 63 encounters over the three days, and because we didn’t really have a time limit we went really deep with people and did a lot of inner healing appointments with people. At least two salvations and many other amazing stories!

Then next to us we had live artists from Morningstar in the U.S., Greg and Susan Card. They did a grafitti piece and invited people from the street to decorate around the lettering of the word ‘EVER’, using art tools called colour shapers. Colour shapers are rubber implements that wipe through the paint, like combs. Susan told me that you could have great conversations with people about what the word ‘ever’ means to them, and that you could prophesy to them over the mark that they make.



Then there were also people out treasure hunting, and at the other end of the street was the lovely Chris Duffet dressed in his clown clothes making balloon crowns for people. A whole street of heaven invading earth, you could feel it in the air! I have a couple more photos but mostly I was working; however it was full of colour and light and fun and freedom! Even the regular busker ended up playing ‘What A Friend We Have In Jesus’ and ‘How Great Thou Art’ on his accordion.

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