Source in St Andrews

I am honoured once again to be breaking ground in St Andrews:  more creativity, viagra 40mg more stretching the territory of what we do to reach spiritual seekers, anabolics more sharing the vision of how to disciple and build spiritual community with these seekers. I was honoured to once again hear Alan talk about Source from the platform, gerontologist and I am wondering… what will happen as a result? What will take place in our nation from his heart-sharing of the need for a church planting explosion? If you didn’t hear Alan McWilliam speak on Tuesday night at Clan, please get the cd…

Here is one of the paintings I created in the Atrium on Sunday and Monday, entitled ‘Explosion’, captured in haste on my mobile!



I think it sums up my feeling for an outward rush of energy, life, colour and light in this nation and its church!

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