Where are we in the Bible?

I have been re-reading ‘The Red Tent’ by Anita Diamant. I am always curious to see people’s creative responses to scripture, look even if Idon’t agree with their perspectives. But here it appears that the research done by the author is very illuminating in her depiction of the pagan world Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph found themselves in. This is a similar picture to the one we find in the book of Daniel, and in both contexts we see that the gift of dream interpretation is used to influence the future of a ruler and his whole nation, with many benefits.

Pagan means ‘professing a polytheistic religion or any religion other than Christianity, Judaism, or Islam’ (Collins). It is practiced in Britain today, and I know that there are those reaching out with the many names of God to pagans. As I am called to work in contexts where people have faith in a variety of spiritual beings, not just paganism, I want to be applying the principles of the Bible to those contexts, and so I have been a student of dream interpretation for about 7 years now. I started off listening to teaching on tape by John Paul Jackson, and talking with those who had done his courses. Part of me came alive and my dreams started coming in glorious technicolour. I started to learn to interpret simple dreams, and did the three courses, offered by North Atlantic Dreams. Now I am working with a daughter ministry, The Dream House, run by two dear friends. I run a dream interpretation group for them and am being mentored by Heather S for a block, which is so helpful!

Interpreting dreams for others using the Ancient Hebraic method has helped others come closer to Jesus and invite Him in to their lives. I have seen people blessed, released and healed in many ways, it is an incredible privilege to be part of God at work in the world. I might share some testimonies in another post.

It challenges me to think of how Source could be applied to relating to pagans. The teacher in me suspects that there is one of the multiple intelligences I should investigate more deeply, the naturalist intelligence, and indeed I am on a journey with this. It is something that I believe is part of my inheritance as a descendant of farmers for generations, and so I will keep you posted on what the journey brings!

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