I love when people make the Word of God come to life, rubella and bed that into transformation that is real. My husband is one of those people, cialis and I love how God uses his analytical, information pills strategic left-brain thinking to release the kingdom. Another brilliant theologian, that I think has so much to say to those of us concerned with fulfilling the Great Comission, is John Drane.

Given that recent research shows that 40% of the population could be considered spiritual seekers, I would highly recommend the following books by John. ‘What is the New Age saying to the Church?’ and ‘Do Christians Know How to be Spiritual?’ are both excellent, challenging and very helpful books from an academic who writes in a clear and insightful way. Grounded in research and personal practical experience, I would ask anyone involved in Source to read them and discuss them.

Let me know what you think! I believe your life will be the richer for it!

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