Instrumental Soaking Music

Here is my favourite playlist at the moment! All available on iTunes, viagra buy except for Selah which is free from Misty Edwards homepage.

Allan McKinlay  Intimacy – When God Speaks
Ryan Gilpin     The Place of Springs – Into The River (Devotional Rescue Series)
Eric Terlizzi    Your Heart – In The Stillness
Marcus Meier    One Spirit – You Take My Breath Away
Rivertribe        Largo – Radiate
Ryan Gilpin    White As Snow  – Into The River
Garrett Viggers  More Love More Power – Thin Places
Ruth Fazal        Longing – Deep Unto Deep
Misty Edwards  Selah – Limited Edition
I have tried to include a variety of instruments, styles, and moods. I use these tracks on the Source course and events, and watch as God moves throught them, bringing healing and transformation.

Although I have been practicing the art of soaking for a few years, I have been really exploring music for this type of meditation lately. Soaking is a wonderful metaphor for immersing yourself in the love of God. My favourite thing to do is grab a quilt and a cushion and lie on the sofa, which I used to do when my kids had their afternoon naps. I knew that whatever dishes and cooking and laundry had to be done, it was not worth it on a personal level to miss this out. And my family benefited from not having a cranky mum.

I would throw on a CD of music, not the loud bouncy sort I often favour at other times, but peaceful, calming, relaxing music. And I would picture myself in the embrace of the Father, the perfect, kind, gentle Daddy. I would receive the waves of love that came with every pulse of his heartbeat, and breathe in the refreshing of His Spirit.

In the beginning I favoured the ‘I Am’ CD from John Paul Jackson, where he reads out 365 different names and attributes of God, and often I would use music with lyrics, like Misty Edwards and her ‘Relentless’ album. These and others blessed me deeply!

Now I am exploring all kinds of lyric-less music, as it encourages me to a different place spiritually. No longer am I focused on the language centre of my brain, but it takes me to a place of being, an awareness of my heart and spirit communicating and receiving love.


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