I have been asked to get involved with and do a lot of exciting things… but I can’t do them all. I wonder if you could pray with us  about that, advice and for God to give us the next steps for the church planting?

I have been making bracelets to give away as a reminder of God’s love:

I have just made one for a lady I met through a weekly outreach. I asked God what I would encounter that night, and the word I got was ‘cancer’, which this lady had been diagnosed with. I got a picture of a diamond on a river bed, shining in the sun, washed by the clear water, and shared this as well as praying, which touched her very deeply.  So the word on her bracelet is ‘precious’, as I felt that was the essence of the picture. I hope to hear how her healing for body, soul and spirit is growing in future weeks!

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